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Experienced Tutors

Qualified and experienced tutors from around the world working in our team to ensure you have a great choice.

Live Online Classrooms

The process is easy for you to follow and to find the right teacher and then how to do your booking. Once booked click on the link on your login account to start communicating with your Tutor. Communications are live by way of, Video, writing board, document portal, and program recording (Optional).

On Demand Courses

AKORANGA on demand is a rich learning experience for students. All our learning materials use high-end technologies to keep it simple, attractive and engaged.

Akoranga, Place of Learning

Akoranga while international has its operational base in New Zealand. The name Akoranga comes from the Maori language. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand – Akoranga means ‘Place of Learning’.

Akoranga is your learning and teaching platform using modern and friendly technology. It breaks the barriers to teach or learn. No matter your location technology is ready for your comfort and convince. It’s your place of learning and of teaching.

Our Tutors

We welcome tutors from anywhere in the world. Our promise to the student is to provide excellent tutors to meet their learning needs. So if you are qualified and experienced Tutor for any subject our platform is ready for you.

Once the Tutor is approved and enrolled our work platform is ready to be used. You can be a full time or part time Tutor with AKORANGA.

Our Students

Students can enroll from any part of the world. By registering with Akoranga as a student, you confirm that you are 18 years old or over. And if you are not, you confirm that you are registering with us under a parent/ guardians supervision.


We have done a lot of work to bring this facility with technology to make it both simple and advanced.

You will experience the convenience of learning and or teaching which is both secure and affordable to enlighten your future.

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