Fathimah Shazeenah

Learning the key fundamentals of science will open up a whole new world to students. Students will receive a first-hand understanding of the wonders within the human body and the world around them.

My passion for Science and Biology led me to follow a career in teaching as I love imparting my knowledge to students who are our next generation. I am very motivated to bring out a love for science in my students by using modern multimedia technologies in my lessons. My ultimate goal is to ensure that every student is engaged in a learning environment with different methodologies that help individual students.

An undergrad degree in Medical Bioscience at Monash University gives me a unique position to inspire students with the technological advances of today’s world. Years of experience in private tutoring as well as teaching in a school gives me an understanding that different students require different teaching techniques. It also gives me an insight into the needs of students for personalized lessons, motivation and encouragement.


Buddika Ruchiranga

With 5 years of experience leading with over 200 workers in an office environment, Buddika Ruchiranga is an Executive Hayley’s since 2013. Buddika received Bachelor’s in Science at University of Colombo in Sri Lanka in 2011. During his degree program buddika also heavily involved teaching mathematics and science for student individually. He is successfully continuing this as a part time while doing his job role. He has strong teaching ability and experience for every type of students.



Roshini Perera

I have been a Mathematics teacher for the past 5 plus years. Having completed my degree at the University of Colombo, I entered the profession of teaching which has been a long standing passion of mine. I love interacting and working with diverse groups of students and enjoying meeting new people.


Pasan Thilini Amarasinghe

10 years of extensive experience in teaching who can facilitate a positive learning experience for students with individual instruction to accommodate different academic levels and learning styles, by designing lesions according to students interest and maximize individual learning.


Stephen Liang

Stephen is a graduated engineering student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He was one of the top student in high school and had won a economics competition award from the Reserved Bank of New Zealand as the team leader. He has more than three years of tutoring and formal teaching experiences. He helped more than 30 students individually on 1v1 casual basics. He’s familiar with the of Cambridge A2/AS, IB and NCEA and capable of teaching Math, Economics and Physics.


Stephen Gullery

I am an experienced senior manager to CEO level with a track record of achievement across a broad number of industry sectors, including Regional Chamber of Commerce, Education (Tertiary University level), Membership organizations, Not For Profit, Finance, Health, Commerce and Heavy Industry (Western Australia). I also served on the foundation board of an Engineering and Manufacturing Industry Co-op with the Marketing and Financial portfolios.

I am a New Zealander by birth. I left New Zealand in early 2004 to work overseas and to expand my knowledge within the business arena. Being based in Perth had me working across Asia, China as well as Australia and with international companies based in the USA, Hong Kong, and Europe.

The diverse combination of industries I have experience in is a strength when it comes to communication. To achieve in these roles, one must be able to converse with a great mixture of people from different walks of life in everyday English. This is what I wish to assist others.


Nilanthi Piyasiri

I’m a teacher in Sri Lanka. My passion is helping students from around the world to enjoy learning and mastering the English language. I’ve prepared students for Cambridge O/L, IELTS, KET, PET and Cambridge Young Learner Exams in my 27-year-old teaching career. Working as a teacher trainer for over nine years has enabled me to share my experience while learning from fellow teachers.


Dileepa Amali

Hello everyone,

Accounting is the language of business. To be effective in business, it is important to understand the language of business. As an Accounting Tutor, I help to provide positive and enriching academic support and encouragement to students beyond the classroom experience through individual or group training.

I am a dedicated and self-motivated individual who offers a solid educational background in Finance and Accounting, with extensive hands-on experience in financial modelling, financial statement analysis and day to day accounting operations for students. I have more than 7 years of extensive experience in all aspects of accounting and finance as well as business management.

I am a Sri Lankan based online accounting tutor who currently live in Wellington, New Zealand. Also, I am a Friendly and Easy to get along person and will treat each individual student at a personal level to ease their learning on the subject. My approach to teaching is to give a lot of examples to Students in order for them to better grasp the concepts. Also, write down the concepts in easy to understand sentences so as to later check those notes for better understanding.

Let my Knowledge and experiences and knowledge guide you…



I have completed my Bachelor of Art Special Degree in Modern Languages at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. On completion of my degree I joined as a visiting lecturer at University of Kelaniya for 2 years. Currently I am employed as a French Teacher in leading International School guiding students for EDEXCEL IGCSE and IAL.


Piyumi Bandara

Working as an independent mathematics teacher from August 2013 (Edexcel,
Cambridge and New Zealand Curriculum)

Worked at Wycherley International School (High School) Colombo as a teacher in
Mathematics from 26th August 2013-26th August 2016 (Cambridge)

Worked at Colombo International School – Kandy from 19th of April 2011 as a
teacher in Mathematics for Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, IGCSE, AS and A2 classes