Harin Jayalath

Harin Jayalath

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I am Harin.
So you want to learn to communicate in English? Great! I am here to help. I believe I have a good grasp of English, since; I’ve had a strong background growing up with English and I’ve been having exposure to the language since I was a toddler. In addition to the fact that I’ve been a student of the British curriculum overseas during both my OL’s and AL’s. l see English is of immense importance in today’s world as it is a universal language that connects people to the global platform. Furthermore, it would be a great pleasure to take up teaching something that I really like.

I’ve been a student of the British curriculum (Cambridge) during both my secondary and higher secondary exams and I’m looking forward to getting my “Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English” in the near future. I’m a private English tutor and I’ve been tutoring students, adults and professionals for nearly a year. I’ve helped them to identify and rectify weak spots, potential flaws and other issues they had with English. And lastly, I’m pleasured to say that I’ve assisted them in achieving remarkable performances and rewarding results with the language.

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